Dreamlets is a Seattle based company founded in 2006 to put smiles on faces by reigniting the childlike part in all of us; the place where creativity is conceived and dreams are never limited by our present understanding. Dreamlets believes that dreams do come true, and creativity has the power to make the world better for us all. Dreamlets is also a line of designer plush friends made to be loved.



Dreamcards are innovative and smart ecards that help people connect. From the Dreamlets web site, select an original, artist-created cover design, then personalize the card with drawings and words before sending. Dreamcards make it easy to collaborate by allowing recipients to draw on top of the original card and send it back.


1% For Creativity

Creating change is a very important idea to us, and giving back to organizations we think can make the world better has been our policy since the beginning. We know that people have an infinite capacity to imagine and manifest all kinds of greatness. We believe fostering creative thinking leads to creative solutions and in that way, creativity creates change. That's why we founded 1% For Creativity.



Dreamlets belongs to the parent company Glowhaus, LLC. which is a collection of creative projects, companies, and people.


2917 East Harrison Street
Seattle, WA 98112


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