Simple & Wise

Does the truth of everyday things give you a soft smile? Do you look at the blue sky, smell the fresh air of spring, revel in a slow walk, or enjoy the subtle sound of leaves...Stanley tries to—every minute.

Stanley’s presence can inspire middle day meditations on gratitude, compassion, or maybe even double-decker chocolate sundaes.

A Perfect Specimen

Each handmade Dreamlet is unique, and designed to withstand the adventures of everyday life. High-quality, color-fast fleece fabric make them as durable as they are squeezable. The result is a truly lovable, huggable, and charming friend.

One Size Fits All

Perfectly suitable for people of all ages. Stanley is designed to make you smile, to encourage you to take life a little less seriously, and to remind you that the life you've always wanted is yours for the taking. You know, lessons you’re never too young to start learning and never too old to hone.

You know that feeling of sweetness that makes your skin tingle and your hairs raise when you see, hear, smell, touch, tastes, or think something wonderful? Go ahead, think thoughts that make your skin tingle. And remember flying always starts with your hairs.

Thinking of you,

The Weight of the World

Inside Stanley there is a compartment filled with hundreds of tiny plastic pearls that give his body substance. Though you may have a tough time putting him down, thanks to the added weight you’ll have an easier time standing him up.

All For One & One For All

Companies have a huge impact on people, our environment, and culture, and it’s our mission to make our impact a positive one. We have founded 1% For Creativity to do just that. For every Dreamlet you buy we give 1% of gross revenues to organizations that support creative thought through funding and education. And when you register Dreamlets online you will be given a chance to participate in this vision by picking the organization(s) that resonate most with you.
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Size and Weight

Height: 6 inches (15 cm)
Width: 7 inches (17 cm)
Weight: 12 ounces (340 grams)

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